Welcome to the Nooga Life Family. We operate 2 websites under the Nooga Life Name: Nooga Nightlife (Anything after 4:00 pm & Happy Hours) & Chatta Daylife (Anything Before 4:00 pm & Including Happy Hours). We are aiming to be only site locals & visitors alike need to find out what is happening in Chattanooga.
Business Listings: We want to have a 100% participation from all businesses in Chattanooga. By offering the lowest rate per month & as much exposure we can, we believe that this is the best deal in the Scenic City. Over 15,000 people visit our Sites Monthly, and You will have your own login to view statistics and change information.
What do you Get?
  • Business Profile on Nooga Nightlife (Along with Chatta Daylife if applicable)
    • Photos, Menus, Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Questions
    • Live Music, Trivia, Specials, Karaoke, Etc
    • Discounts/Coupons If Applicable
    • Social Media/Website/Other Links
    • Lunch/Brunch on Chatta Daylife if Applicable
    • Pool/Darts/Games/ETC
    • Videos if Applicable
    • Coming Soon: Maps and Promotion through Hotels
  • Listing in Daily Specials (Website, App, & Social Media)
  • Promotion for Events (Website, App, & Social Media)
  • Take Part in Promotions (Pub Crawls, Christmas Giveaways, Holiday Promotions, & More To Come)
  • Nooga Nightlife & Daylife: $20/Month or $200/Year + Tax
    • Free till October 1st (if you sign up during August) For Yearly Plan Only
  • Chatta Daylife (Only): $15/Month or $150/ Year + Tax
    • Free till October 1st (if you sign up during August) For Yearly Plan Only
What we ask of You?
  • Weekly/Biweekly/Monthly Updates: To make this work, we want to have an open line of communication. We want to have the most up to date information.
  • We are a small company, but we will be working with over 300 businesses in Chattanooga. We do not want to have late fees. As long as you keep your account current and keep us in the loop, we will be able to keep costs low.

There is no Plan available right now.

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