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Refund and Returns Policy

Refund and Returns Policy

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Refund and Returns Policy

At Nooga Nightlife, we strive to provide exceptional service and value to our valued subscribers within the service industry. Our commitment is to ensure satisfaction with every aspect of our subscription service. However, we understand that situations may arise where action is necessary. Please review the following policy carefully:

1. Refund Policy:

1.1 Refunds: There are no refunds on Subscription Purchases.

2. Cancellation Policy:

2.1 Cancellation of Subscription: Subscribers have the option to cancel their subscription at any time. Upon cancellation, access to our services will be terminated at the end of the current billing cycle.

2.2 No Partial Refunds: We do not offer partial refunds for unused portions of a subscription term. Upon cancellation, subscribers will continue to have access to our services until the end of the current billing cycle.

2.3 Return of Listing: In the event that a subscriber wishes to remove their restaurant or bar listing from our website, please contact our customer support team. Listings will be removed within 3-5 business days of the request.

3. Exceptions:

3.1 Force Majeure: We reserve the right to make exceptions to this policy in cases of force majeure events, such as natural disasters, strikes, or other unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

3.2 Fraudulent Activity: Refunds will not be issued in cases where fraudulent activity is suspected. We reserve the right to investigate and take appropriate action in such cases.

4. Contact Us:

If you have any questions or concerns about our Refund and Returns Policy, please contact our customer support team at Jason@nooganightlife.com | 423-529-2582. We are here to assist you and ensure your satisfaction with our subscription service.

Nooga Nightlife reserves the right to update or modify this Refund and Returns Policy at any time without prior notice. Please review this policy periodically for any changes. Last updated: April 10, 2024

Suspension of Subscription Policy:

At Nooga Nightlife, we understand that there may be exceptional circumstances where subscribers need to temporarily suspend their subscription. We aim to accommodate such situations to the best of our ability. Please review the following policy regarding the suspension of subscriptions:

1. Suspension Eligibility:

1.1 Exceptional Reasons: Subscribers may request to suspend their subscription for a period of time due to exceptional reasons such as temporary closure of the business, renovation, or other unforeseen circumstances beyond their control.

1.2 Duration: The duration of the suspension period should be reasonable and commensurate with the circumstances. Subscribers may request a suspension for a minimum of one billing cycle up to a maximum of three consecutive billing cycles.

2. Suspension Process:

2.1 Request: To request the suspension of your subscription, please contact our customer support team at least [X days/weeks] prior to the desired suspension start date. Include details about the reason for the suspension and the intended duration.

2.2 Approval: All suspension requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Approval is subject to verification of the exceptional reason provided.

2.3 Notification: Upon approval of the suspension request, subscribers will receive confirmation via email along with the start and end dates of the suspension period.

3. Billing and Service during Suspension:

3.1 Billing: Subscribers will not be billed for the duration of the approved suspension period. Billing will automatically resume at the end of the suspension period.

3.2 Service Access: During the suspension period, access to our services, including listings and promotional features, will be temporarily suspended. Subscribers will not be able to make updates or changes to their listings during this time.

4. Early Resumption:

4.1 Request: If subscribers wish to resume their subscription before the end of the approved suspension period, they may submit a request to our customer support team.

4.2 Approval: Early resumption requests will be subject to approval based on the availability of resources and operational capacity.

Need help?

Contact us at Jason@NoogaNightlife.com for questions related to refunds and returns.